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WILS Four Core Services

Information and Referral

    • WILS has access to an almost unlimited supply of information and services geared toward promoting independent living.


    • WILS works with consumers to advocate on their own behalf. WILS also works with local, state, and federal legislators to get favorable legislation for people with disabilities.

Peer Support

    • WILS works with consumers and their families individually. More than 51% of WILS' staff and board are comprised of people with disabilities, which provides us the experience and expertise to assist other people with disabilities.

Independent Living Skills Training

    • Many individuals with disabilities do not have the skills to live independently. WILS provides specific course, individually and in groups to hone these skills.

Additional WILS Services

Telecommunication Access Program (TAP) for Telephone

    • TAP for telephone entitles you to obtain free adaptive equipment including but not limited to TTYs, amplified phones, telephones with large type or Braille, touch tone buttons, or cordless phones. Signaling devices that illuminate or amplify are available.

Transportation Services

    • WILS has a wheelchair accessible van for consumers to use for a small fee.

Ramp Program

    • WILS believes that ramps are important for persons with significant disabilities to live a more independent life.

Transitions Program

    • The Transitions Program is designed to assist institutionalized individuals with disabilities to return to independent community living. Services include initial planning, helping find financial assistance, independent living services as needed.

Consumer Directed Services (CDS) Program

    • DIRECT your own care according to your needs.
    • HIRE and train the attendant of your choice.
    • SET your attendant hours.
    • RECEIVE training on attendant management from WILS CDS staff.
    • CONSUMER CONTROL- As the Employer you would be:
      • Recruiting
      • Interviewing
      • Training
      • Managing your Attendant
      • Hiring and Terminating


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